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Wellness Solutions

Supplements to maximize wellness


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Fitness Services Overview

Nourish to Fitness designs programs to meet your wellness goals. Fitness assessment begins the process to understand how your body functions and at what level of fitness. Each fitness session is created to give you the maximum effort in the minimum amount of time. The goal is to push your body so that it will become stronger, faster and leaner. 

Hybrid program -Fitness Assessment

Every good fitness program begins with a basic level of fitness test. This determines the level of fitness and help to determine realistic and attainable goals to fitness success. This includes before and after photos. Photos and measurements during the initial assessment and are taken every 7-14 days to catalog your journey, so you can see how far you have traveled to reach your goals.

  • Cardio Programs- Designed based on your overall goals. Whether you need to lose weight, coming back from injury or training for a marathon; all cardio plans are designed to get you to your destination. 

  • Strength Training Programs- Specifically designed for you and your focus - muscle building, endurance training, duathlon training, injury prevention, weight loss, sculpting, building your best body.


Personal Training

Nothing comes close to one on one training. "All eyes on you" as you are able to meet those fitness goals with special attention given to your strengths and challenges.  This program help you to meet your goals faster and give a competitive edge when training for an event or getting to your best self.


Group training and nutrition

Group training meets three times per week. Each client is encouraged to reach their own personal goals included is resistance, flexibility, balance and strength training.  Goals are based on the fitness level of the client but the pace is set by the group. Be prepared to get a great workout and develop great camaraderie. 

Event Training


Every athlete has an event they are training toward. Event training is designed for the athlete that is working toward an individual sport such as body building or  a team event such as a 5k or 10K


New class!!!

Peaceful minds Yoga- A restorative yoga class to help release tension to make it easier to walk and workout. 


Vegan GLAM- A wellness program that empowers working Mom's with autoimmune disorders restore health and create their ideal lifestyle through vegan food and fitness. 

Nutritional and Fitness- Available upon request



Nutritional Services Overview

Nourish to Fitness offers a variety of services to meet your nutrition goals. All nutritional services begin with an initial consultation which are then followed by “check-in” sessions to help keep you goals fresh, answer your questions and help provide solutions to problems that may arise. The goal is to inspire you to live well and create wellness to fit your lifestyle.


Initial Consultation – 60 minutes During the initial session you and I will spend about half the time getting to know you and your nutritional concerns. Questions about your diet, medical and weight history, stress level, sleep patterns, daily work/school schedule, among other things will be asked. Once we determined your goals whether it be weight loss, increasing in lean muscle mass, preparing for a race or big event together we will make a plan and set goals to improve your nutritional concerns.


Check-in sessions – 30 minutes Follow- up sessions are used as a way to troubleshoot any obstacles that may be keeping you from reaching your goals. Your follow up session will also include:

* Review your current meal plan 
* Adjust the meal plan, if needed 
* Answer your questions 
* Discuss steps toward achieving your goals 
* Review challenge areas and set alternate goals 
* Praise your successes and guide you to help strengthen your weak areas 
* Help you plan for relapses and other challenges

The above session are included in all of my packages. Interested in a nutrition package? 




Personalized Grocery “Smart” Walks Individual and group grocery stores tours available at your local supermarket. You pick the supermarket and I’ll meet you there. With Grocery Shopping “Smart” Tours you will learn how to get in and out of the grocery store fast, buying only exactly what you need to keep you on the right track, saving you valuable time and money! 


Smart Walks


Focus on bringing your environment into balance. The Smart Walks empower you to take action on what you do at home that may slow even stop your success.  For maximum success use all of them to help support and guide what you do in your environment.


Grocery Walks


We go with you to a local grocery store and educate you on:

  1. What you need to do when you shop

  2. The best times to shop

  3. How to select foods

  4. How often should you go to the store

  5. How much should you buy at each visit

You may think that the answer to these question would be simple if they were everyone would be successful with eating well.

Pantry Walk and Fridge Walk

Understand that where food is placed in your home is directly related to how much, how often and what you eat. We assist you to strategically place food to assist in your nutritional journey. 


At home we help you:


  1. What types of foods to eat

  2. When to eat certain foods

  3. Why this is important

  4. How to include your family and get their support



Corporate Wellness Seminars 


We empower your group with a 45-65-minute nutrition seminar that supports increases nutritional or fitness knowledge and awareness. The goal is provide resources and take-aways for those want additional support in their wellness journey. These are best used for those who want quick tips on successful living in a group setting.



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