Shermaine Brown-Wade is a Health Strategist who believes in helping people transform their relationship with food and fitness.  She is a personal trainer and fitness nutritionist with over 20 years of  experience  in the wellness industry. Her specialty is to support individuals to eat and exercise well through understanding stress and develop strategies to success.

Let's face it . We all have stress. Stress is not always a traumatic event, it can also be a life change, chronic inflammation, insulin insensitivity, or chronic pain. Eating well and giving the body what it needs allows the body to heal when it is damaged before. The key is to manage the stress to minimize the effects on the body by giving it the nutrients it needs from the inside out.  This time is a very important time to minimize the effects of stress is before the body is sick or compromised. 

Shermaine knows this ideology well because in 2008, when she was under a tremendous amount of stress, she diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called vitiligo. Vitiligo causes an individual to lose skin pigmentation (color). She depigmented quickly however, her gift was that she was in the best health of her life. She was eating a vegan  (raw) lifestyle with the help of a raw (vegan) food guru, Karen Calabrese and running up to 30 miles per week. This helped her to  learn how to better manage her wellness by taking back her power and teaches others to do the same. She implements cutting edge solutions around both food and exercise by keeping clients motivated and excited about their success and believes, "Fitness and nutrition should fit into your lifestyle".  As a specialist in weight management and an educator specializing in whole well-being, she supports clients to achieve improved health through weight loss or weight gain, nutritional education and balance that feels great and creates a new way of life. 

Nourish to Fitness offers uniquely designed services including weight monitoring, body whole body stress management, nutritional support, and fitness. Programs are designed based on individual client needs that support their wellness.  She also works with doctors to bring complete wellness solutions to their practice.